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An elderly woman in Okinawa was bitten by a poisonous snake. This Marine saved her life


Marine Corps Sgt. John James was at a barbeque with friends in November in Okinawa, Japan, where he is stationed, when all of a sudden the group heard the cries of a local elderly woman. “We were grilling burgers and hot dogs at the saloon bar, and suddenly we heard an elderly woman screaming in […]

A woman became a Green Beret Thursday, a huge milestone for the Army and the military, but she isn’t the first female to earn the title


The first woman to complete the Army’s Special Forces Qualification Course and move on to a Green Beret team graduated today, according to U.S. Army Special Operations Command. The newly minted Green Beret, a National Guard soldier, will now report to a Special Forces Group for assignment to an Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA or A […]

First woman is slated to graduate Green Beret training, lawmaker says


The first female Army Green Beret candidate will graduate from the Special Forces Qualification Course on July 9, according to Rep. Elise Stefanik, a New York congresswoman who serves on the House subcommittee overseeing special operations forces. While another woman did complete the entire Q Course in the 1980s, she was ultimately denied the opportunity […]