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Army’s own vaccine that could fight COVID variants begins clinical trials


A unique vaccine produced by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research started clinical testing Tuesday, and Army researchers hope it will combat variants of SARS-COV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The vaccine, called spike ferritin nanoparticle, or SpFN, could also help fight other coronaviruses, a group of related RNA viruses that often cause […]

VA plans for vaccine distribution unclear as coronavirus cases continue to climb


As the number of coronavirus cases among Veterans Affairs patients continues to climb, lawmakers are questioning whether department officials have clear plans to deal with both the current outbreak and distribution of a vaccine if it becomes available. As of Monday evening, the department reported 13,759 active cases of the virus among its patients, an […]

Army COVID-19 vaccine candidate to be tested on humans


Army researchers are taking their first COVID-19 vaccine candidate to the next research stage — human clinical trials. Researchers are expecting to start recruiting volunteers in July in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, with injections to begin in early September, said Samir Deshpande, spokesman for Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. The institute has a […]

Army vaccine researchers are preparing for the possibility of new COVID-19 strains


Army medical experts involved in testing COVID-19 vaccine candidates developed by outside laboratories are also working to develop their own vaccine, one that can give them the building blocks to combat future strains of the virus if mutations arise. The first few vaccines being “queued up” for what the White House recently dubbed “Operation Warp […]