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2 US Navy ships to sail Black Sea amid Russian troop buildup near Ukraine


MOSCOW — Russia’s defense minister said Tuesday that the country’s massive military buildup in the west was part of readiness drills amid what he described as threats from NATO. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the maneuvers in western Russia that have worried neighboring Ukraine and brought warnings from NATO would last for another two weeks. […]

New in 2021: Here are all the ships the Navy will commission and christen in the coming year


The U.S. Navy will commission seven ships in 2021 and christen another eight, according to data provided by Naval Sea Systems Command. The guided-missile destroyer fleet will welcome DDG-118, Daniel Inouye, named after the late U.S. senator from Hawaii, while the littoral combat ships Oakland, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Mobile are expected to join the LCS […]

The US Navy wants to find ships to kill using aerial drones launched from submarines


WASHINGTON – The name of the game in the Pacific is stand-off range. But with longer range torpedoes and anti-ship missiles in the arsenal, submariners are looking to a new domain to help them extend their deadly reach: The air. In an October request for information, Naval Sea Systems Command’s Submarine Combat and Weapons Control […]

Navy ships head into South China Sea to counter Beijing ‘bullying’


Two U.S. Navy ships sailed into the South China Sea Thursday in a show of support for a Malaysian drill ship that’s been getting hassled by Chinese vessels as Beijing continues its attempts to claim the resource-rich sea as its own. The littoral combat ship Montgomery and the dry cargo ship Cesar Chavez each steamed […]