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Senior military leaders considering increasing household goods weight allowances for troops


As this year’s moving season starts to crank up, senior leaders are considering a crucial money question for service members: whether or not to increase weight allowances for household goods. The Army conducted an exhaustive analysis of ranks, grades and weights, and looked at how many soldiers are over their weight limits based on the […]

Senior leaders dunk on Tucker Carlson’s misogynistic comments about maternity flight suits


It all started because the Air Force was looking for a few women to wear test its new maternity flight suit. Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson seized the moment on his Tuesday show to drop some hot takes about how catering to pregnant women is “feminizing” the military and allowing China to surpass the U.S. […]

Senior military leaders will have access to same COVID-19 treatments as Trump


With the deputy chiefs of two services testing positive for COVID-19 and many members of the Joint Staff quarantining at home in case of exposure, the head of the Defense Health Agency told Military Times on Thursday that the Defense Department’s health system is ready with therapeutics to treat any serious infections. While neither Marine […]

Senior chief convicted of unauthorized absence from his unit


A Mississippi-based Navy senior chief was convicted last week for being absent without authorization from his unit for nearly two weeks. A military judge sentenced Senior Chief Construction Mechanic Luis H. Garcia to a letter of reprimand and a fine of $2,000 after a court-martial panel found him guilty of leaving the Seventh Naval Construction […]

Senior chief charged with rape, kicking pregnant woman in the stomach


A U.S. Navy senior chief is facing court-martial over allegations of rape and aggravated assault, including an incident where prosecutors say he kicked a pregnant woman in the stomach, according to court records. Senior Chief Cryptologic Technician (Collection) Randy W. Tompkins is accused of kicking the woman in San Diego in September 2017, and of […]

The Senior Enlisted Academy curriculum is changing; here’s what you need to know


The Navy is implementing changes to the Senior Enlisted Academy curriculum and requirements — including shortening the distance learning portion of the course — starting in fiscal 2021, which begins Oct. 1. The leadership and development program, which previously was 10 weeks long and required seven weeks of distance learning, will now consist of three […]

Senior military leaders being called to testify to Congress about George Floyd protest response


Angry lawmakers will summon top Pentagon leaders to Capitol Hill next week to explain what role military personnel will play in responding to growing demonstrations of racial unrest in major U.S. cities and whether President Donald Trump have overstepped his authority as commander-in-chief. “(The president) is talking about going to war with the citizens of […]

Second lady, senior spouses to participate in virtual town hall for Military Spouse Appreciation Day


Military spouses are invited to join a virtual town hall beginning at 3 p.m. Friday, May 8 for a discussion of experiences and challenges spouses are facing during this coronavirus pandemic, and ways to support them. The nonprofit Blue Star Families is convening the town hall in honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Second lady […]