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Marines out of new infantry school are ‘more competent’ ― but more tests await


CAMP PENDLETON, California ― On a bright March afternoon in southern California the battalion gunner for the Marine Infantry Training Battalion–West paced nervously along a pool as young Marines jumped in with their packs and weapons. The Marines were conducting a 300-meter simulated swim to shore with all the gear they would need for the […]

Marines may take up to 5 months of leave after giving birth


The Marine Corps is encouraging commanders to approve annual leave requests that effectively would extend leave for new parents by up to 60 days, according to an administrative message posted Tuesday. Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger has long championed the idea of a yearlong leave of absence for new parents, noting in the summer […]

Marines strap missile to truck and strike target at sea


Two Marine majors and industry technicians stripped down a tactical vehicle, strapped an anti-ship missile onboard and hit a target at sea from land. And the top Marine was quite pleased. Commandant Gen. David Berger said in a congressional hearing Thursday that the tests were the result of the “brilliance of a couple of young […]

2 Marines involved in likely accidental barracks shooting, NCIS says


Two male Marines were involved in what the Naval Criminal Investigative Service has now confirmed was a shooting incident involving two people ― an incident that the law enforcement agency believes may have been accidental. On Thursday evening a Marine with 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, was injured as a result of a firearms incident in […]

‘The best job I ever had’: Marines remember their tanks as the Corps ditches its armor


In the 1920s a small company of Marines were the first to experiment with the novel vehicle at Quantico, Virginia, later taking it on a deployment to China. Marines at Tarawa in the Pacific Ocean used tanks to shield them from withering machine gun fire. The tanks rumbled alongside Marines on treacherous, icy roads in […]

Marines move Super Stallion helicopters off Hawaii, starting major aviation overhaul


The first helicopters of a Hawaii-based CH-53E squadron were transported off the island as the unit prepares to divest itself of aircraft and decommission over the next year as part of the Marine Corps’ force redesign. Two of the 10 CH-53E Super Stallions in Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463 were transported off Hawaii by the […]

Marines investigating how drug test urine samples were mistakenly mailed to a private citizen


The Marine Corps is conducting a command investigation at 5th Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment, to learn how four packages of drug test urine samples in a single box were mailed to a private resident in Arizona rather than the Navy testing center in Illinois. Marine Corps Times discovered the erroneous mailing through a post by […]