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Launching MilGears — a simple yet powerful tool


Last month, following 31 years of service (mostly as a Navy training officer), I made the difficult decision to leave federal employment having served from the most junior enlisted rank to the founding dean of DoD’s College of Allied Health Sciences. During that time, I have watched the quality and effectiveness of military training and […]

For these airmen, launching ICBMs is a family business


Not many mother-daughter duos can say they’ve both launched an intercontinental ballistic missile. In fact, Linda and Taylor Tonnies may be the only pair able to make such a claim. Then-1st Lt. Linda Tonnies turned the launch key on a Minuteman III ICBM at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, on June 8, 1994, as part […]

This is the Navy’s plan for launching its new community college


In February, the Department of the Navy released Education for Seapower Strategy 2020, a joint Navy-Marine Corps strategy to boost the intellectual and technological capabilities of our force. One of the key elements of that strategy is to create a new United States Naval Community College, which will dramatically expand educational opportunities for our enlisted […]