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What’s the role of Marine infantry in the new strategy to fight China? The Corps is still trying to figure it out


The tri-service maritime strategy released on Thursday by the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard painted a picture of China gaining strength and influence in the Pacific, threatening the “rules-based international order” and reminiscent of Imperial Japan in the decades prior to World War II. To counter the modern Chinese threat, the three services will […]

14-week training. Only one infantry MOS. The Marine Corps is considering these major changes to its enlisted infantry


The Marine Corps will launch a pilot program in early 2021 that extends the School of Infantry to 14 weeks, a Marine Corps spokesman confirmed. And it might be consolidating all enlisted infantry military occupational specialties into one. The pilot program and potential MOS consolidation come as the entire Marine Corps is modernizing as it […]

Marine infantry training not long enough, or good enough, for future fight, commandant says


Today, Marines entering the infantry field spend nine weeks at the School of Infantry learning the basics of their trade before hitting the fleet. But in a future Marine Corps, where small units are distributed over wide distances and junior Marines are making more decisions, the nine weeks may not be enough initial training, Marine […]

Army seeks about 3,500 more infantry recruits this year


The Army wants to assess roughly 15,000 infantry recruits this fiscal year, and will likely continue offering cash incentives to potential soldiers in an effort to meet its goals, according to Army Recruiting Command boss Maj. Gen. Kevin Vereen. “The Army needs just an overabundance of infantrymen to fill its formations,” Vereen said during an […]