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Air Force completes Operation Porcupine exercise in Romania


The Air Force’s 31st Fighter Wing participated in the annual Operation Porcupine exercise on Thursday in Romania, employing U.S. F-16s, HH-60s, and MQ-9s. The exercise was designed to replicate rescuing a downed F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot, involving those from the 56th and 57th Rescue Squadrons, 510th Fighter Squadron and 606th Air Control Squadron, among other […]

Air Force approves wave of uniform changes — including shorts for maintainers


The Air Force has authorized a slew of new uniform changes — including allowing maintainers to wear shorts during warm weather across the entire force. “These options came directly from feedback from the field through the virtual uniform board and feedback from commands in the field,” Lt. Gen. Brian Kelly, Air Force deputy chief of […]

Air Force general worried US won’t field sixth-gen fighter in time to beat China


WASHINGTON — Since September, when the U.S. Air Force disclosed that it had flown a full-scale demonstrator of its future fighter, the defense community has been hungry for more details about the Next Generation Air Dominance program. And Air Force leaders have been loathe to provide them. That’s what made unprompted comments by Air Combat […]

Air Force general busts myth that enemies always try to stop rivals’ communications


WASHINGTON — A top Air Force general wants to dispel the common assumption that adversaries will always try to cut or jam U.S. troops’ friendly communications. Instead, they might want to leave those communications intact to use them to spread false and misleading information, for example, said Lt. Gen. Mary O’Brien, Air Force deputy chief […]

Air Force Research Laboratory wants to add more Vanguard programs


WASHINGTON — The Air Force Research Laboratory wants to add more Vanguard programs in the coming year while accelerating development of its existing programs, said AFRL Commander Brig. Gen. Heather Pringle. The AFRL’s Vanguard programs target transformational science and technology components and integrated systems that can demonstrate leap-ahead capabilities. The three ongoing Vanguard efforts are […]

Air Force to begin assembly of airborne laser


WASHINGTON — The Air Force Research Laboratory is set to receive the first major assembly of one subsystem needed for its airborne laser, although it’s pushed back the first test to fiscal 2024. The Self-Protect High Energy Laser Demonstrator (SHiELD) Advanced Technology Demonstration Program’s goal is to build a laser weapon that can be installed […]