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Father and son, both active duty officers, graduate Ranger School exactly 35 years apart


It’s been 35 years since Chaplain (Maj.) Charlie Shields earned his Ranger tab as a young private. In the time since, he’s served in some of the Army’s top units. His achievements include service as a noncommissioned officer in the 75th Ranger Regiment, becoming a long-range surveillance team leader, and returning to the Army as […]

Marine who grew up around his father’s New York fire station graduates boot camp on Sept. 11


Rocco Cusano has been a firefighter in New York for nearly 30 years. His son, Justin Cusano grew up in his dad’s firehouse and joined the Marine Corps following high school. They each have their own connection to September 11th. This is their story. (Cpl. Shane Manson/Marine Corps) On Sept.11, 2001, Justin Cusano was just […]