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Family policy appointee will bring more military family voices to DoD, including her own


Long before Patricia Barron was sworn in as head of military community and family policy at the Defense Department, she was well aware of persistent challenges for military families. She’s lived the life. During her husband’s 30-year Army career, they made 14 permanent change of station moves, and she has nursing licenses from seven states. […]

Family of Air Force vet who died in VA care after being bitten by fire ants sues US, Orkin


The family of an Air Force veteran who died after suffering fire ant bites at a Department of Veterans Affairs long-term care facility near Atlanta is suing the U.S. government and a pest control company. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Atlanta federal court, claims that Joel Marrable, 74, died in September 2019 as the result […]

Family of Army reservist shot in Maryland recall his life


Phillip Jackson, The Baltimore Sun 11 hours ago Army Spc. Pedro Chesley and his girlfriend, Diamond Davis, were shot and killed in Baltimore on Nov. 21. (Photo from Facebook) BALTIMORE (AP) — Since he was a child, Pedro Chesley had imagined himself as a soldier. At an early age, his family instilled in him the […]

Military and family members: It’s not too late to vote by absentee ballot!


If you’re a service member or their family member stationed away from your voting district, or a U.S. citizen overseas, it’s not too late to vote —even if you haven’t received your requested absentee ballot from your election official. In some states, it’s not even too late to register to vote, because it can be […]

Family of contractor killed in F-16 strafing accident will get payout in settlement with Air Force


The family of a contractor who was killed in a strafing accident during a 2017 Air Force training exercise has reached a settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit against the service. Charles Holbrook, a retired Air Force master sergeant and tactical air control party airman, was fatally shot Jan. 31, 2017, at the White Sands […]