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Army engineers use 1950s breaching tech; robots might solve the problem


Soldiers tasked with breaching a minefield or similar obstacle now rely on state of the art equipment and techniques — from the 1950s. The Army aims to get those humans out of one of the most dangerous battlefield scenarios through a combination of better ways to neutralize mines or obstacles, better detection of said mines […]

The US Army Corps of Engineers owns a bunch of dinosaurs — the more you know!


The U.S. Army won’t be opening its own park filled with living dinosaurs any time soon, but it is in possession of a number of long-lost friends who first graced our planet during the Triassic period approximately 230 million years ago. Created by George Washington during the Revolutionary War and made a permanent body within […]

For engineers, deployments to Pacific islands, Southeast Asia could be in the works


Honolulu ― For decades, small groups of military engineer teams have been spending six-month stints in paradise in the name of strengthening the U.S.’s relationship with one Pacific island nation. And there’s possibility that their model could expand, after Defense Secretary Mark Esper made a Pentagon chief’s first ever visit to Palau on Aug. 28. […]