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Some DHS employees could face furloughs even as agency reopens


As the Department of Homeland Security begins enacting plans to reopen offices and bring employees back to work, some employees could face losing their jobs at the agency, due to funding challenges that have resulted resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. According to federal employee union leaders that testified at a June 16 hearing before the […]

VA employees still waiting for coronavirus tests


Veterans Affairs officials acknowledged on Wednesday that they still lack enough testing supplies to provide on-demand coronavirus screening for all medical employees, despite past promises those services would be made available. “It is still our intent to get there,” said Dr. Ricard Stone, Executive in Charge of the Veterans Health Administration, in testimony before the […]

Two employees test positive for COVID-19 at Armed Forces Retirement Home campuses


Two employees at the Armed Forces Retirement Home have tested positive for COVID-19, officials said — one at each of the two campuses, in Gulfport, Miss., and in Washington. To date, no residents of either of the campuses have tested positive for the coronavirus. The average age of the residents is 83, and most residents […]