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Can empathy and emotions make soldiers better learners? The Army’s trying to find out


The Army wants to know if emotion and empathy can help make soldiers better learners. To do that, they’re looking for ways to “locate, track and trace” different learning traits through a technology development program known as the xTechSearch Brain Operant Learning Technology (BOLT) competition. Geared to Army medical professionals, the tech development program looks […]

Emotions run high over new Code Talkers beer can


Natasha Brennan, Indian Country Today via the AP 5 hours ago In this Aug. 14, 2020, photo LT Goodluck holds a beer can honoring his grandfather, Navajo Code Talker John V. Goodluck at the Hellbender Brewing Co., in Washington, D.C. (LT Goodluck via AP) In honor of National Navajo Code Talkers Day, a Washington, D.C., […]