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New in 2021: The Army’s diversity initiatives


The Army set in motion a series of reforms intended to cut down on unconscious biases by removing certain biographical data points from promotion packets, issuing exit surveys to soldiers leaving the force and looking at how the service recruits and mentors personnel, such as ROTC cadets. Many initiatives were codified in September through a […]

New in 2021: The transgender ban, diversity initiatives and toxic chemical research — what will become of these Trump-era policies?


While the last four years will be remembered for the turmoil they wreaked on the Defense Department, there are a handful of initiatives championed by Trump administration defense secretaries that could see some changes under a Biden administration. Among those are the ban on transgender service members, announced in 2017 and enacted in 2019, as […]

DoD canceled its diversity training audit to comply with new White House rules


The Defense Department’s inspector general has canceled an audit of its diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity training just a month after first announcing it. As part of a series of initiatives born of his desire to get a handle on how prejudice and discrimination affect service members at work, the IG set out to evaluate […]

CNP: Diversity efforts don’t mean officers will promote based on their race or gender


As the U.S. Navy continues its latest effort to increase diversity and inclusion in the ranks, the chief of naval personnel said this week that better representation doesn’t mean officers will be tapped for promotion based on their race or gender, in the name of checking off some diversity box. Vice Adm. John Nowell made […]

Diversity training doesn’t run afoul of president’s executive order, Army officials say


The Army’s emerging diversity initiatives don’t conflict with an executive order signed Tuesday prohibiting the armed forces from instituting training programs that suggest the United States is “irredeemably racist and sexist,” service officials said Thursday during a telephone call with reporters. The Army has started various reforms intended to cut down on unconscious biases in […]

Air Force sets diversity targets for recruiting


The Air Force is setting targets for improving the diversity of the airmen it recruits in fiscal 2021 — and it particularly wants to improve the representation of minorities in the ranks of rated officers it brings in. In a Monday roundtable with reporters at the Air Force Association’s virtual Air, Space, Cyber conference, Air […]