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‘Why now?’ Dismay as US considers troop pullout from Somalia


NAIROBI, Kenya — No country has been involved in Somalia’s future as much as the United States. Now the Trump administration is thinking of withdrawing the several hundred U.S. military troops from the Horn of Africa nation at what some experts call the worst possible time. Three decades of chaos, from warlords to al-Qaida affiliate […]

Army considers shuttering its Pathfinder School


The Army may close its historic Pathfinder School, a three-week program that teaches troops to prepare drop zones and landing zones ahead of a larger assault force, according to personnel familiar with the matter. Army Training and Doctrine Command said a decision has not yet been finalized regarding what to do with the course that […]

US Air Force considers leasing trainer jets that lost the T-X competition


WASHINGTON — The U.S. Air Force wants to lease advanced trainers as early as next summer while it waits for Boeing’s T-7 Red Hawk, creating an opportunity for the two training jets that lost out to the Red Hawk during the T-X competition. The Air Force intends to open a competition for trainer jets that […]