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Senate committee calls for large cuts in Marine Corps end strength


The Senate Appropriations Committee on Nov. 10 ― the Marine Corps’ birthday ― proposed a massive personnel cut for the Corps; one going beyond any other current proposal. The Marine Corps is currently composed of roughly 186,000 active-duty Marines. In February, the Marine Corps budget request proposed a cut of 2,258 enlisted Marines along with […]

Senate VA committee gets an ‘F’ in oversight


The Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs has been underperforming in its oversight duties, according to an independent grading of congressional oversight. The committee got an “F” grade from on the Lugar Center’s Congressional Oversight Hearing Index. The center is a non-profit that promotes bipartisan governance. The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs continued a seven-year streak […]

Defense committee chairman expresses ‘profound frustration’ with Esper


WASHINGTON — The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee today expressed “profound frustration” with Secretary of Defense Mark Esper over a “unacceptable” lack of response to a request that Esper appear before the committee. Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., also indicated that the White House may be directing Esper and Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman […]