New in 2021: Here are all the ships the Navy will commission and christen in the coming year


The U.S. Navy will commission seven ships in 2021 and christen another eight, according to data provided by Naval Sea Systems Command.

The guided-missile destroyer fleet will welcome DDG-118, Daniel Inouye, named after the late U.S. senator from Hawaii, while the littoral combat ships Oakland, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Mobile are expected to join the LCS community.

The expeditionary mobile base Miguel Keith will be commissioned, named in honor of the late Marine Corps lance corporal who received a posthumous Medal of Honor for heroism during the Vietnam War.

Undersea, the fast-attack submarines Oregon and Montana will also enter the fleet, according to NAVSEA.

Scheduled for christening in 2021 are three destroyers, Lenah H. Sutcliffe Higbee, Carl M. Levin and Jack Lucas.

The expeditionary fast transport Apalachicola and the amphibious transport dock Fort Lauderdale with also be commissioned.

Replenishment oilers John Lewis and Harvey V. Milk will also be christened, as will the fast-attack sub Rickover.

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