Is this the best reenlistment location ever?


Where was your last reenlistment ceremony held, shipmate?

On some base quarterdeck? … K.

Your local dive bar? Little better.

Tethered to your warship’s yardarm? Not bad at all.

Not applicable to you or your buddies because this crazy year has made you long for your DD-214 blankie? We get it.

Either way, the championship belt holder for coolest Navy reenlistment ceremony location undoubtedly belongs to Master-at-Arms 1st Class Brian Dunne of Yonkers, New York.

Assigned to the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, Dunne reenlisted standing atop the Truman’s starboard anchor Oct. 22. Lt. j.g. Asa Calloway administered the oath.

Master-at-Arms 1st Class Brian Dunne, left, is reenlisted by Lt. j g. Asa Calloway on the starboard anchor of the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard Oct. 22. (MCSN Bela Chambers/Navy)

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Yeah, yeah, we know anchor reenlistments have been done before. But if you’ve never seen one, it’s new to you. And if you’ve seen several, it’s a reminder that they’re cool.

The duo took a little dinghy out to the anchor of the Truman, which is currently in the Norfolk Naval Shipyard for its extended carrier incremental availability period, according to officials.

We first caught wind of this photo via a Navy Reddit post by user “SkullzXO.”

Truth be told, until Big Navy confirmed it, we weren’t sure if this was legit or the photoshopped work of some guy or gal with way too much time on their hands.

Lil’ baby boat next to big mama boat! Master-at-Arms 1st Class Brian Dunne (seen here waving to the anchor for some reason) and Lt. j.g. Asa Calloway got rowed out to the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman’s starboard anchor for Dunne’s reenlistment ceremony Oct. 22. (MCSN Bela Chambers/Navy)

True to Navy Reddit’s core values, the post’s comments were almost as good as the pic.

“The anchor is used to be being let down,” presto464 wrote. “Kindred spirits.”

“Congratulations,” Top_Chef added. “now repaint this anchor.”

One Redditor, Clell65619, bragged about reenlisting in the crew’s head at test depth aboard the now-decommissioned ballistic missile sub Simon Bolivar.

Needless to say, our interest is piqued, and we want to see your coolest reenlistment locales.

Send your photos and a bit of explanation including names, ranks, locations and dates to

If we hear from enough of you, we’ll throw them all together and see who has a shot at challenging MA1 Dunne for his fantastic reenlistment location.

BZ to Master-at-Arms 1st Class Brian Dunne, left, for reenlisting atop the aircraft carrier Harry St. Truman’s starboard anchor Oct. 22. (MCSN Bela Chambers/Navy)


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